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Frequently, there are 2 dentists involved; one dentist places the implant and another dentist makes the abutment (post) and the final crown. Paying separately for the services of 2 dentists is costly. Because we render all 3 of the services in the same office, we can offer implants to our patients at significantly reduced fees. After an appropriate healing period of no less than two months, an abutment (post) will be placed (additional $475) and, finally, a natural looking crown will be placed (additional $1000). Payment is not due for each component until it is completed, generally, several months after the implant is placed. When finally completed, the total cost for your complete case is a low $2300.

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How Can Implants Cost Only $825?

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Implants are generally completed in one office visit. Most patients report no discomfort during the procedure or afterward.

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With over 40 years of experience in placing affordable dental implants, we are very sensitive to the comfort and financial needs of our patients.  Be assured that our discounted dental implants are of the highest quality and may be better than some that cost more.  We will never use cheap dental implants in Clifton for our patients.  At Dental Discount Implants in Clifton we will explain how much are dental implants and each step of the process.  We will never rush your visit.



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Implants for $825

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The complete replacement of a missing tooth requires 3 services:


Life is Better with

Attractive and
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  • The implant.
  •  An abutment (post) to attach a crown to the  implant.
  •  A natural looking crown to fit on the abutment (post).