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How Can Implants Cost  Only $825?

Dr. Bob Dubman , DDS. 

International Lecturer on Dental Implants


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​​​You made the effort to find this website because you are searching for the best way to replace your missing teeth.  There are several ways to replace missing teeth that I will explore with you.  


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Frequently, there are 2 dentists involved; one dentist places the implant and another dentist makes the abutment (post) and the final crown. Paying separately for the services of 2 dentists is costly. Because we render all 3 of the services in the same office, we can offer implants to our patients at significantly reduced fees. After an appropriate healing period of no less than two months, an abutment (post) will be placed (additional $475) and, finally, a natural looking crown will be placed (additional $1000). Payment is not due for each component until it is completed, generally, several months after the implant is placed. When finally completed, the total cost for your complete case is a low $2300.

  • The implant.
  •  An abutment (post) to attach a crown to the  implant.
  •  A natural looking crown to fit on the abutment (post).

Implants for $825

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