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Dental Implants
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Dr. Bob Dubman, DDS

Dr. Bob Dubman has written and lectured internationally on the subject of dental implants. His professional staff is passionate about providing excellent quality dental care while keeping your costs affordable. In our dental implant office we offer you free X-rays and consultation services as well as providing total dental implant services that are reasonably priced. Our goal is to make you look and feel better and have a healthy and attractive smile.


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State of the Art Dental Implants

Our office is fitted out with state-of-the-art computerization so as to provide our patients with the technology to achieve superior dental results. Conveniently Located in Northern New Jersey with dental services provided by our professional team, our patients can comfortably receive the dental care that we are proud to provide at reasonable fees.

Awards and Honors

  • Elected to Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry
  • Elected to Active Membership in the American Academy of Implant Dentistry
  • Selected by the People to People Citizen Ambassador program to teach Western dentistry at the universities and hospitals of five major cities in the Peoples Republic of China.
  • Diplomate of the American Academy of Osseointegration


  • "Blood Evaluation and Diet as a Criteria to Determine Implant Longevity" Oral Implantology, Vol. V, No. 4.
  • "Cost Containment in Prepaid Dentistry" Commerce, Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey


Provided consultation to major insurance carriers concerning the evolvement of alternate dental care delivery systems within New Jersey relative to economics, social impact, legality and marketing.