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Compare dental implants to all other methods of replacing teeth and decide for yourself.

Dental Implants Fixed Bridges Removable Dentures
Not removable Not removable Removable
Firmly fixed to jaw Cemented onto natural teeth that must be first ground down Supported entirely on soft gums
Excellent chewing Excellent chewing May be loose and move when eating and speaking. Food may be "trapped" under denture
Natural look Natural look Plastic false gum may be visible
Cannot "decay" Natural teeth may decay under crowns Plastic of denture susceptible to breakage
Remaining natural teeth are not disturbed Natural supporting teeth must be ground down before making bridge Clasps for partial dentures may be visible
"Exercises" bone to keep jawbone from "shrinking" Supporting teeth may be susceptible to gum disease Jawbone is not exercised and will continue to shrink for life
Cost similar to bridges Cost similar to Dental Implants Cheapest alternative
Cleaned and brushed similar to natural teeth Cleaned and brushed similar to natural teeth Must be removed for cleaning and stored in water overnight