Dr. Bob Dubman, D.D.S.

International Lecturer on Dental Implants

​​​​Q:  I understand that you offer Free consultations and x-rays regarding dental implants.  What can I expect after the examination?
A:  If you agree with our findings and recommendations, you will be scheduled to start treatment.  If not, you will have received the information free with no further obligation on your part.

Q:  Does the dental office offer affordable payment plans? 
A:  Yes.  Monthly payments can be spread over 18 months with no interest.  Longer periods are available that will include interest.  Our payment arrangements make it so that almost everyone can afford having better health and appearance.

Q:  Does the office accept dental insurance?
A:  We accept most dental insurance plans.

Q:  Are evening appointments available?

A:  Yes.  Our office hours include mornings, afternoons and evenings.

Q:  Are all services provided within the same office?

A:  Yes

Q:  The fees shown on this website appear to be very reasonable.  Are your implants discounted because they are cheap or lower quality?
A:  No.  Our implants are of the highest quality.  We do not cut corners!  The replacement of a missing tooth requires 2 additional services after the implant is completed.  First, an abutment (post) must be attached to the implant.  Second, a natural looking crown must be fitted to the abutment.  Frequently, there is more than one dentist involved to provide all 3 services.  One dentist who places the implant and abutment, and another who makes the crown.  Paying separately for the services of 2 dentists is costly.  Because we render all 3 of the services as a package, we can offer implants to our patients at a reduced cost.

Q:  Do you offer a discount if more than one implant is required?
A:  No.  Our low fees already include our discounts.

Q:  Do you provide other dental services that may be required in conjunction with implants?
A:  Yes.  If a tooth needs to be extracted and replaced with a dental implant, we will provide that service.  Also, we will provide a bridge when required.

Q:  Can implants be provided on the same day as an extraction. 
A:  Yes, if there is no infection present.  If infection is present, there will be a delay until the infection is healed.

Q:  What is your fee for an extraction? 
A:  There are many types of extractions and oral surgery procedures that are separately defined by the American Dental Association.  Each commands a different fee because of the level of skill and time required for their extraction.  Whatever type of extraction you require, you will be told in advance.  We don’t believe in surprises.

Q:  Where is your office located? 
A:  Our location in Clifton New Jersey (serving Passaic County, Morris County, Bergen County, Essex County and other northern and surrounding counties in NJ and adjacent states).  Off-street parking is provided exclusively for our patients.

Tooth Implant Cost

Q: Is it Painful?
A: Implants are generally completed in one office visit. Most patients report no discomfort during the procedure or afterward.

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​​​​​Q:  Do you offer “laughing gas”?
A:  Yes.

Q:  Are staff members fluent in any foreign languages?
A:  Various members of our staff speak Spanish, Italian, Russian and Polish.

Q:  Does the office accept any government dental plans?
A:  There are certain benefits that are available for Medicare senior recipients (not Medicaid).

Q:  Are dentists who render implant service considered to be a dental specialist similar to orthodontists and endodontists?
A:  Implantology is not considered to be a specialty.  However, our staff is highly experienced and, like many specialists, we teach implant dentistry to other dentists within the United States and internationally.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Awards and Honors:   

Elected to Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry

Elected to Active Membership in the American Academy of Implant Dentistry 
Selected by the People to People Citizen Ambassador program to teach Western dentistry at the universities and hospitals of five major cities in the Peoples Republic of China.
Diplomate of the American Academy of Osseointegration 

"Blood Evaluation and Diet as a Criteria to Determine Implant Longevity" Oral Implantology, Vol. V, No. 4.

"Cost Containment in Prepaid Dentistry"
Commerce, Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey


Provided consultation to major insurance carriers concerning the evolvement of alternate dental care delivery systems within New Jersey relative to economics, social impact, legality and marketing.


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