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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it painful to get dental implants?

Implants are generally completed in one office visit and most patients report no discomfort during the procedure or afterward.

I understand that you offer Free consultations and x-rays regarding dental implants. What can I expect after the examination?

If you agree with our findings and recommendations, you will be scheduled to start treatment.

Does the dental office offer affordable payment plans?

Yes. Monthly payments can be spread over 18 months with no interest.

Does the office accept dental insurance?


Are evening appointments available?


Are all services provided within the same office?


The fees shown on this website appear to be very reasonable. Are your implants discounted because they are cheap or lower quality?

No. Our implants are of the highest quality.

Do you offer a discount if more than one implant is required?


Do you provide other dental services that may be required in conjunction with implants?

Yes. If a tooth needs to be extracted and replaced with a dental implant, we will provide that service.

Can implants be provided on the same day as an extraction.

Yes, if there is no infection present.

What is your fee for an extraction?

There are many types of extractions and oral surgery procedures that are separately defined by the American Dental Association.

Where is your office located?

Our location is at 400 Broad St., in Clifton, New Jersey.

Are staff members fluent in any foreign languages?

Various members of our staff speak Spanish, Italian, Russian and Polish.

Does the office accept any government dental plans?

There are certain benefits that are available.

Are dentists who render implant service considered to be a dental specialist similar to orthodontists and endodontists?

Implantology is not considered to be a specialty.